Monday, 25 October 2010


Ok so as promised here are some pictures of my pandora bracelet :) I will include the price of the charms incase you have a pandora bracelet and like one of my charms :D xx

Ok so the cow is definitely my favourite charm :') Cow £25, Suitcase £25, Sweet 16 charm £30 :)
 Purple Zirconia charm £55, Heart spacer £15, Breast cancer awareness charm (which has a cute flower on the other side as well) £55 :)
The giraffe is actually a chamilia (i think thats how you spell it) charm, which my friend brought for me so I have no idea how much it is! Sorry :)  The dolphin I brought from tenerife for €20, and in england it sells for £25 :)

Ok so they are all the charms I have for now :) You can get all of these charms from your nearest pandora retailer, or if you are in colchester, good old williams and griffins, or upchurch and son :) 
-xo Holly :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ok so seeming as i went for ages without posting anything I have decided that I will be better :D
Anyway, this week has been FREEZING so far!! I am writing this cuddled up in my abercrombie hoodie with a mug of hot chocolate :D I have also brought waaaay too many scarves, a new coat and a hat recently. Man I love winter!! You can wear sooo many clothes and its just lovely :D I am on the hunt for some leather tan boots, but they dont seem to exist unless you want a plastic pair from crappy new look with a high heel. Which I dont. Im not having much luck with shoes this winter! I have had to have the brogues that I wear for school re soled- because they were rubbishy £28 ones from river island..
Ok I talk about shoes and clothes way to much :D soo... I have definatley failed my history and art gcse's. In art my deadline is on thursday and I still have about 10 prep sheets to do, and I havent finished my final piece. And in history we had 2 hours to write an essay answer, and we had a 1000 word limit. And I think i wrote at least 3000 words. I am definatley loosing marks for that..... :S
Ok I think my feet are falling off im definatley going to have to get some socks soon....
OOOOH i almost forgot something almost exciting happened at school yesterday. Almost... Well in the science block, there was a fridge in the staff room that was leaking ammonia. So we had all the fire crews there and they were wearing gas tight suits and the building was evacuated.... I genuinely though we were gonna get sent home. But no- because nothing exciting ever happens. They just took the fridge out. How freaking boring is that?!  Ohhh I just realised that I have been spelling definitely wrong for this whole thing :L:L
Ok so I will write again soon :)
Love Holly -xoxo

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Sooo sorry I haven't updated for AGES!! I have been soooo busy with my freaking art coursework :( I hate art. Why the hell did I take it.
Anywayyy this is my first post as being oficially 16 :) for my birthday I got my beautiful canon 500D dslr camera :) I am absolutely in love with it- its honestly probably the best thing I own (well apart from my macbook (; )
And from my mum (because my dad brought me the camera) I got my pandora bracelet with some cute little charms :') I'm gonna include a picture of it on my next post because I am emailing this in from my phone, and the camera is shit :D
I got some other stuff from my parents as well- a vera Wang picture frame, and some books (and some other stuff which I can't remember)
And finally from my nan- I got a 22" hd tv :) (and other stuff but that was the main thing from her) I love it and the picture is AWESOME!! :D
Hmmm well looking back over what I got it was a pretty cool birthday... :)

Oh and I almost forgot! Those beautiful brouges from topshop that I am so in love with and included a picture in an earlier post... Well, topshop have decided to stop selling them. :'( as soon as I have enough birthday money to buy them- and they only have a size 7 left in stock! :'( I'm actually heart broken. Now if I want a pair of brown brouges I'm gonna have to buy a crappy plastic pair from new look or river island due to the lack of freaking nice non chavvy shops in colchester.....

Well that's it for now- I promise I won't leave it this long to post again!
Love Holly x

Ps 69 sleeps till christmas!!! :D