Monday, 30 August 2010

I LOVE this look!!! I found it on Lookbook- her bag is to die for!!! I love it so much! :)

Just thought you would like to know that.... :D
Don't you just hate bank holidays?
I mean, I know they are supposed to be good because its a holiday blah blah blahh... but really, its not good when you are in sainsburys and can't get to anything because of the amount of people in there. I mean, just because its a bank holiday, everyone decides to go food shopping? (We are the exception, seeming as we go food shopping every monday hehe :))
Oh and guess what? I still haven't finished my essay. eugh!

Anyway! Hopefullly my Jack Wills dress will come tomorrow! (if it doesn't I am going to be sooo disappointed!) I have decided that I NEED a pair of brown brogues, and I have no money at the moment (but its my birthday in a month- hint hint ;)) The nicest pair I have found are on the topshop website, and they are £50. Hopefully I can find a cheaper pair than that though! But they are real leather and I loveee them, so I will probably end up saving for them. I have added (a reallly long) picture of them- do you like? :D My mum hates them, so she obviously isn't going to buy them for me :'(

I'm actually quite excited about my birthday at the moment :) Even though its in october so its AGESSS away!! I am getting a pandora bracelet (are real one, not one of these crappy fake ones that you can buy charms for for about 30p. Eugh no thank you- I don't like green wrists!) And I think on my actual birthday I am going to London for two days- so not school for me yay! :D
Speaking of school, I have to go back on friday- eww! I mean, really! What the hell is the point in going in for a day? Because the week after that I have to do work experience (which, believe it or not I am quite looking forward to :) The boss said I could dress a mannequin for the window because I'm so interested in fashion!) 
Its really just a waste of washing machine water and detergent for my uniform! I think we should sue the school personally... :D

Ok now I am gonna go, and do something probably very boring. 
Holly <3

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Well I thought you would like to see how my essay writing was going at the moment. Not too well is all i'm going to say...
This is what my book looks like at the moment. And now I am on here writing this and I have still only written one paragraph. I am soo screwed! (If only my essay could be about fashion. Or a good book. Then maybe I would show some interest! I just keep thinking that this time next year I will never have to write another english essay again! Thank god!)
And I keep getting distracted by Lookbook, and Facebook and the tv and my ipod. I am never going to get this essay finished :S 
On a better note- some of my jack wills stuff came yesterday! I am verrry happy with it- when the dress comes I will be even happier though! Even though I am probably not going to get it until tuesday seeming as its a bank holiday tomorrow :(

Ok so I guess I will have to go- must get this essay finished by friday! (not gonna happen..)
Holly xx

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hey everyone!
Well I am testing out the whole emailing this to my blog from my phone thing- so I am verrry sorry if this doesn't work!!

Ok so I've done nothing alll day again- how bad is that?! And I've still got a whole essay to write by next friday, and I have written 3 lines :s But oh well- I'm suree I'll get it done. Hopefully. Probably not though....

I am really depressed at the moment about lookbook becoming public, meaning that you now don't need an invitation or to apply to become a member. What will happen if a load of chavs join and make the website crappy?! I loveeeed the snobby exclusiveness of it when you had to apply!!!

Anyway- I went on a shopping spree in the jack wills sale! :D I brought a dress I have had my eye on for ages (£59, reduced to £19- awesome or what?!). I also brought a scarf, a hat and two very awesome JW pens haha! When they arrive I will definatley take pictures and post them here :)

I think I am going to my dads friends club tonight, but I don't really want to go. I think I'm gonna stay at home. What fun is going to a club with your freaking parents?? If my friends were going it would be totally different!

Ok I'm gonna go for now- oh I just wanted to say thanks to ashley for being my first follower :D
I will probably post again laterr

Holly xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Me again :D

Ok so I reallly should be writing my english essay, or reading 'to kill a mockingbird' for my english class, but I really can't be bothered. Besides, I've still got a week left of summer! I can do it then :) 
First of all, I am going to tell you a little bit (which will probably turn in to more than you ever wanted to know- because I don't know when to shut up) about myself :) My birthday is on the 6th of october, my favourite colour is pink, I love fashion and photography, I couldn't live without my best friends and I still can't decide what I want to be when I'm older. I just know I don't want to have to go to uni and I want to make a lot of money :) I love having random text and msn conversations, I hate it when people say "fair do's"and I hate chavs and people that don't pronounce T's in words like 'water' and 'better'. It drives me insane! I love Jack Wills clothes, and spend wayyy too much money in there! I want a miniature pig because they are unbelievably adorable, and a Chihuahua :) 
I am still only 8 years old in my mind, and I love Hello Kitty and Pingu :) And I love american people. And I use the word love too much. 
I live with my mum and dad in a nice sized house :) I have a baby pet tortoise, a cat and a guinea pig.  Which I suck at remembering to feed, so my mum has to do it :P And the picture is of my tortoise on his birthday with his birthday crown. How awesome am I at making things? :L 
I love my talks with my best friend about the awesomeness of Taylor Latuner's 6 pack, and my talks with my other friend about the religion we made up :D And I hate running. Holly doesn't run. Anywhere. Ever. 
And I love you for sitting there and reading all of this!! :) 
So thats me! Now that you know me, I hope you will follow my blog! 


Hey everyone!
My name is Holly. I am 15 years old and from the little town of colchester, essex. Recently I decided that, because in september I will be starting my last year at school- that it would be good to have some memories and photos all in one place. And the internet seemed like the place to do it! :D 
So, from now on I will be posting messages and pictures about what is happening in my day (but only if it is interesting or funny- I wouldn't want to bore you!) 
Ok and its not going to be alll about my life (that would be farr too dull! Nothing interesting ever happens to me!) I will most likely end up getting distracted from my boring exam revision, and end up posting about fashion, miniature pigs and my obsession with taking pictures of anything and everything! Oh and obviously Robert Pattinson. Because he's hot! :) So if I end up failing my GCSE's- I blame you! :)