Sunday, 7 November 2010

Booots :)

woooooh I finalllly got some brown leather boots yesterday!! I think they may be the only boots in the whole of england that don't have a high heel or studs of some kind on them :') They are from the shoe store "office" and they were £95. They have a sheep skin lining, and realllly soft brown leather on the outside :) They are slouchy and have ties up the back (and they remind me of pirate boots :L) Ahhh and they smell sooo good haha here are some pictures...

Ohhh and I almost forgot- I have a tumblr to share my favourite photos on as well.. Check it out :D


ps 48 days untill christmas :D

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hey everyone! 
I hope you all had an amazing halloween! :P 
Anywayy I thought I would share a few pictures of my tortoise, Charlie that I took :D Let me know what you think :)

Charlie yawning :P 

Ok so thats it for now because the photos take forever to upload! I was uploading halloween photos to facebook earlier and it took an hour!! 

-xo Holly :)

P.S 53 days until christmas! :D

Monday, 25 October 2010


Ok so as promised here are some pictures of my pandora bracelet :) I will include the price of the charms incase you have a pandora bracelet and like one of my charms :D xx

Ok so the cow is definitely my favourite charm :') Cow £25, Suitcase £25, Sweet 16 charm £30 :)
 Purple Zirconia charm £55, Heart spacer £15, Breast cancer awareness charm (which has a cute flower on the other side as well) £55 :)
The giraffe is actually a chamilia (i think thats how you spell it) charm, which my friend brought for me so I have no idea how much it is! Sorry :)  The dolphin I brought from tenerife for €20, and in england it sells for £25 :)

Ok so they are all the charms I have for now :) You can get all of these charms from your nearest pandora retailer, or if you are in colchester, good old williams and griffins, or upchurch and son :) 
-xo Holly :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ok so seeming as i went for ages without posting anything I have decided that I will be better :D
Anyway, this week has been FREEZING so far!! I am writing this cuddled up in my abercrombie hoodie with a mug of hot chocolate :D I have also brought waaaay too many scarves, a new coat and a hat recently. Man I love winter!! You can wear sooo many clothes and its just lovely :D I am on the hunt for some leather tan boots, but they dont seem to exist unless you want a plastic pair from crappy new look with a high heel. Which I dont. Im not having much luck with shoes this winter! I have had to have the brogues that I wear for school re soled- because they were rubbishy £28 ones from river island..
Ok I talk about shoes and clothes way to much :D soo... I have definatley failed my history and art gcse's. In art my deadline is on thursday and I still have about 10 prep sheets to do, and I havent finished my final piece. And in history we had 2 hours to write an essay answer, and we had a 1000 word limit. And I think i wrote at least 3000 words. I am definatley loosing marks for that..... :S
Ok I think my feet are falling off im definatley going to have to get some socks soon....
OOOOH i almost forgot something almost exciting happened at school yesterday. Almost... Well in the science block, there was a fridge in the staff room that was leaking ammonia. So we had all the fire crews there and they were wearing gas tight suits and the building was evacuated.... I genuinely though we were gonna get sent home. But no- because nothing exciting ever happens. They just took the fridge out. How freaking boring is that?!  Ohhh I just realised that I have been spelling definitely wrong for this whole thing :L:L
Ok so I will write again soon :)
Love Holly -xoxo

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Sooo sorry I haven't updated for AGES!! I have been soooo busy with my freaking art coursework :( I hate art. Why the hell did I take it.
Anywayyy this is my first post as being oficially 16 :) for my birthday I got my beautiful canon 500D dslr camera :) I am absolutely in love with it- its honestly probably the best thing I own (well apart from my macbook (; )
And from my mum (because my dad brought me the camera) I got my pandora bracelet with some cute little charms :') I'm gonna include a picture of it on my next post because I am emailing this in from my phone, and the camera is shit :D
I got some other stuff from my parents as well- a vera Wang picture frame, and some books (and some other stuff which I can't remember)
And finally from my nan- I got a 22" hd tv :) (and other stuff but that was the main thing from her) I love it and the picture is AWESOME!! :D
Hmmm well looking back over what I got it was a pretty cool birthday... :)

Oh and I almost forgot! Those beautiful brouges from topshop that I am so in love with and included a picture in an earlier post... Well, topshop have decided to stop selling them. :'( as soon as I have enough birthday money to buy them- and they only have a size 7 left in stock! :'( I'm actually heart broken. Now if I want a pair of brown brouges I'm gonna have to buy a crappy plastic pair from new look or river island due to the lack of freaking nice non chavvy shops in colchester.....

Well that's it for now- I promise I won't leave it this long to post again!
Love Holly x

Ps 69 sleeps till christmas!!! :D

Friday, 24 September 2010

The most amazing Idea for an Art project everrrr :D

Ok so me and my friend Faye ( were having a discussion on msn about how we had no idea what to do for our art projects 'a sense of place and time' I mean really- what a crappy title! It has to have colchester incorporated into it as well, which basically means the only choices are romans or castle park. Eugh. 
Anywayy we came up with the best idea ever! One of us dresses up in a toga and walks around Colchester with the look of 'what the hell happened to rome?' on our faces :D And filmm it!
We would go on the open top tour bus- then scream at all the people on it, accusing them of being witches when the bus started moving without horses pulling it. There reactions would be FUNNNNY :L
Then we would walk down the high street, and try to go shopping for some togas. All we will be able to find though is some lovely chavvy leggins and stilettos- not very roman :L:L
After we leave the shop- lets go stand in a phone box. When it starts ringing we will try and kill it with our lovely shiny swords that we carry with us everywhere (because we are roman.. :L) Because I mean- what the hell is a phone? 
Then- when we have to take our final piece in, just take a portable dvd player :D sorteddd....
We would wear masks though- so the mystery of the romans remains.... (and so people dont remember our faces and we can actually walk through town in the future :L:L)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heyyy everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a longggg time- but I have been so busy with school and crap like that :S
Anywayy its getting closer to my birthday- 13 days! One step closer to getting my DSLR camera :D 

I have so much art to do at the moment its actually unreal! My deadline is in October and I have about 20 A2 sheets to do- its just not gonna happen.... ART IS KILLING ME! :L Thank god its friday tomorrow!

Speaking of fridays, last friday camp rock 2 was on :D I love it seeming as it has my future husband in it (Nick Jonas) LOVE HIMMM :D

Speaking of hotties, the new abercrombie and fitch model on their website :O oooh man is he fineee! I have included a picture for your pleasure :D

Ok thats it for today <3 (93 days till christmas!)