Monday, 25 October 2010


Ok so as promised here are some pictures of my pandora bracelet :) I will include the price of the charms incase you have a pandora bracelet and like one of my charms :D xx

Ok so the cow is definitely my favourite charm :') Cow £25, Suitcase £25, Sweet 16 charm £30 :)
 Purple Zirconia charm £55, Heart spacer £15, Breast cancer awareness charm (which has a cute flower on the other side as well) £55 :)
The giraffe is actually a chamilia (i think thats how you spell it) charm, which my friend brought for me so I have no idea how much it is! Sorry :)  The dolphin I brought from tenerife for €20, and in england it sells for £25 :)

Ok so they are all the charms I have for now :) You can get all of these charms from your nearest pandora retailer, or if you are in colchester, good old williams and griffins, or upchurch and son :) 
-xo Holly :)

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