Saturday, 11 September 2010

105 days to go...

Its nearly christmassss!!! So me and my friend- faye (whos blog is wrote a poem in year 9 in our awesome english class. And I have just rediscovered it :L and we want to share it with youuu!!! <3

'whos been naughty this year?' santa said,
to the little elves busy repairing his sled
Joey elf handed the list over to him,
'theres not many naughty' he said with a grin.

Santa sat in his chair perfecting his note,
as naughty little Lisa had upset the dear goat.
'to the naughty list for you' he muttered
as an elf ran in an quickly stuttered...

'theres not enough presents for the nice kids!' he cried
'Calm down- it'll be alright!' Santa lied.
The elves in the workshop started to worry,
as a snowstorm had engulfed the delivering lorry!

'Come Dancer, Rudolph, Prancer and Blitzen!'
'Come on now guys, this problem needs fixin!'
The rescuers set out in the dead of the night,
guided the way by Rudolph's bright light.

'I see the lorry!' Rudolph cried,
'lets get the presents from inside!'
He opened the door with an almighty kick,
'lets get the presents out there, quick!'

And so all the presents got to the homes
(with the help of friendly garden gnomes)
And next morning as the children ran down with glee,
many a present sat under the christmas tree.

And thats our poem :) awhh man I miss year 9.... <3

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