Friday, 24 September 2010

The most amazing Idea for an Art project everrrr :D

Ok so me and my friend Faye ( were having a discussion on msn about how we had no idea what to do for our art projects 'a sense of place and time' I mean really- what a crappy title! It has to have colchester incorporated into it as well, which basically means the only choices are romans or castle park. Eugh. 
Anywayy we came up with the best idea ever! One of us dresses up in a toga and walks around Colchester with the look of 'what the hell happened to rome?' on our faces :D And filmm it!
We would go on the open top tour bus- then scream at all the people on it, accusing them of being witches when the bus started moving without horses pulling it. There reactions would be FUNNNNY :L
Then we would walk down the high street, and try to go shopping for some togas. All we will be able to find though is some lovely chavvy leggins and stilettos- not very roman :L:L
After we leave the shop- lets go stand in a phone box. When it starts ringing we will try and kill it with our lovely shiny swords that we carry with us everywhere (because we are roman.. :L) Because I mean- what the hell is a phone? 
Then- when we have to take our final piece in, just take a portable dvd player :D sorteddd....
We would wear masks though- so the mystery of the romans remains.... (and so people dont remember our faces and we can actually walk through town in the future :L:L)

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