Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heyyy everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a longggg time- but I have been so busy with school and crap like that :S
Anywayy its getting closer to my birthday- 13 days! One step closer to getting my DSLR camera :D 

I have so much art to do at the moment its actually unreal! My deadline is in October and I have about 20 A2 sheets to do- its just not gonna happen.... ART IS KILLING ME! :L Thank god its friday tomorrow!

Speaking of fridays, last friday camp rock 2 was on :D I love it seeming as it has my future husband in it (Nick Jonas) LOVE HIMMM :D

Speaking of hotties, the new abercrombie and fitch model on their website :O oooh man is he fineee! I have included a picture for your pleasure :D

Ok thats it for today <3 (93 days till christmas!)

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