Friday, 3 September 2010

First day..

It was my first day back at school today. And it actually wasn't that bad :) I only had double art, which is always good :D
But, I do admit, I would rather still be on holiday, doing nothing and sleeping until the afternoon... But who wouldn't?
I definitely think all school weeks should only be a day long :L That would be pretty awesome.... :D

Ok, so school was good today, except for one person... lets call her creepy girl. Or CG for short (I've just realised that really sounds like her name :L).  Anywayy, as usual she was being her strange psychopath self (laughing about death, things like that.) I had actually forgotten she existed. Hadn't seen her for 6 weeks.... Well she ruined my day. Ha!

Well im not talking about school anymore for now. Because its the WEEKEND! Yay! And then I have to go to freaking work on monday! Booo :( I'm sorry, but 9 till 5.30 is just child labour...

I am going over to my friends for a sleepover tomorrow- which should be fun! <3

My Jack Wills dress came :D I am very happy with it <3 AND the autumn collection is on their website now! Eeeeeppp!! I am going to need some more money..... Oooh maybe I will get a job from doing work experience- More money AND staff discount! Hellll yeah! <3 (dorothy perkins though- I dont ever buy anything from there :/)

Anyway I am going to leave you now!  Au revoir!

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