Friday, 24 September 2010

The most amazing Idea for an Art project everrrr :D

Ok so me and my friend Faye ( were having a discussion on msn about how we had no idea what to do for our art projects 'a sense of place and time' I mean really- what a crappy title! It has to have colchester incorporated into it as well, which basically means the only choices are romans or castle park. Eugh. 
Anywayy we came up with the best idea ever! One of us dresses up in a toga and walks around Colchester with the look of 'what the hell happened to rome?' on our faces :D And filmm it!
We would go on the open top tour bus- then scream at all the people on it, accusing them of being witches when the bus started moving without horses pulling it. There reactions would be FUNNNNY :L
Then we would walk down the high street, and try to go shopping for some togas. All we will be able to find though is some lovely chavvy leggins and stilettos- not very roman :L:L
After we leave the shop- lets go stand in a phone box. When it starts ringing we will try and kill it with our lovely shiny swords that we carry with us everywhere (because we are roman.. :L) Because I mean- what the hell is a phone? 
Then- when we have to take our final piece in, just take a portable dvd player :D sorteddd....
We would wear masks though- so the mystery of the romans remains.... (and so people dont remember our faces and we can actually walk through town in the future :L:L)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heyyy everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a longggg time- but I have been so busy with school and crap like that :S
Anywayy its getting closer to my birthday- 13 days! One step closer to getting my DSLR camera :D 

I have so much art to do at the moment its actually unreal! My deadline is in October and I have about 20 A2 sheets to do- its just not gonna happen.... ART IS KILLING ME! :L Thank god its friday tomorrow!

Speaking of fridays, last friday camp rock 2 was on :D I love it seeming as it has my future husband in it (Nick Jonas) LOVE HIMMM :D

Speaking of hotties, the new abercrombie and fitch model on their website :O oooh man is he fineee! I have included a picture for your pleasure :D

Ok thats it for today <3 (93 days till christmas!)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

105 days to go...

Its nearly christmassss!!! So me and my friend- faye (whos blog is wrote a poem in year 9 in our awesome english class. And I have just rediscovered it :L and we want to share it with youuu!!! <3

'whos been naughty this year?' santa said,
to the little elves busy repairing his sled
Joey elf handed the list over to him,
'theres not many naughty' he said with a grin.

Santa sat in his chair perfecting his note,
as naughty little Lisa had upset the dear goat.
'to the naughty list for you' he muttered
as an elf ran in an quickly stuttered...

'theres not enough presents for the nice kids!' he cried
'Calm down- it'll be alright!' Santa lied.
The elves in the workshop started to worry,
as a snowstorm had engulfed the delivering lorry!

'Come Dancer, Rudolph, Prancer and Blitzen!'
'Come on now guys, this problem needs fixin!'
The rescuers set out in the dead of the night,
guided the way by Rudolph's bright light.

'I see the lorry!' Rudolph cried,
'lets get the presents from inside!'
He opened the door with an almighty kick,
'lets get the presents out there, quick!'

And so all the presents got to the homes
(with the help of friendly garden gnomes)
And next morning as the children ran down with glee,
many a present sat under the christmas tree.

And thats our poem :) awhh man I miss year 9.... <3

Monday, 6 September 2010

Working 9 till 5...

Well today was my first day of work experience. And I am knackered. I have spent all day in the fitting room, putting clothes back on their hangers and returning them to their racks. Why are people so freaking untidy?!
And everytime I want to go to the staff room, I have to walk up about a billion stairs, even though their is a lift, but the maneger wont let anyone use it!!

Anyway, I have another week of this. And we have a delivery coming in tomorrow, so I will be even busier. Well I suppose it beats school.... just about... :L

Nighty nighty- Im tired
Holly xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Well like I said in my last post, I went for a sleepover round my friends house last night :)
Anyway, when we woke up this morning, we found a tiny field mouse (at least thats what we think it was) that her cat had tried to kill!
We rescued him, and called him norman :) We love you norman!!!
(sorry about the rubbish pictures, I took them on my phone)
Anyway, we obviously had to let norman go. :'( Even though he had a crippled leg, we think he will be ok (we hope!!!!!!)


Friday, 3 September 2010

First day..

It was my first day back at school today. And it actually wasn't that bad :) I only had double art, which is always good :D
But, I do admit, I would rather still be on holiday, doing nothing and sleeping until the afternoon... But who wouldn't?
I definitely think all school weeks should only be a day long :L That would be pretty awesome.... :D

Ok, so school was good today, except for one person... lets call her creepy girl. Or CG for short (I've just realised that really sounds like her name :L).  Anywayy, as usual she was being her strange psychopath self (laughing about death, things like that.) I had actually forgotten she existed. Hadn't seen her for 6 weeks.... Well she ruined my day. Ha!

Well im not talking about school anymore for now. Because its the WEEKEND! Yay! And then I have to go to freaking work on monday! Booo :( I'm sorry, but 9 till 5.30 is just child labour...

I am going over to my friends for a sleepover tomorrow- which should be fun! <3

My Jack Wills dress came :D I am very happy with it <3 AND the autumn collection is on their website now! Eeeeeppp!! I am going to need some more money..... Oooh maybe I will get a job from doing work experience- More money AND staff discount! Hellll yeah! <3 (dorothy perkins though- I dont ever buy anything from there :/)

Anyway I am going to leave you now!  Au revoir!