Monday, 30 August 2010

Don't you just hate bank holidays?
I mean, I know they are supposed to be good because its a holiday blah blah blahh... but really, its not good when you are in sainsburys and can't get to anything because of the amount of people in there. I mean, just because its a bank holiday, everyone decides to go food shopping? (We are the exception, seeming as we go food shopping every monday hehe :))
Oh and guess what? I still haven't finished my essay. eugh!

Anyway! Hopefullly my Jack Wills dress will come tomorrow! (if it doesn't I am going to be sooo disappointed!) I have decided that I NEED a pair of brown brogues, and I have no money at the moment (but its my birthday in a month- hint hint ;)) The nicest pair I have found are on the topshop website, and they are £50. Hopefully I can find a cheaper pair than that though! But they are real leather and I loveee them, so I will probably end up saving for them. I have added (a reallly long) picture of them- do you like? :D My mum hates them, so she obviously isn't going to buy them for me :'(

I'm actually quite excited about my birthday at the moment :) Even though its in october so its AGESSS away!! I am getting a pandora bracelet (are real one, not one of these crappy fake ones that you can buy charms for for about 30p. Eugh no thank you- I don't like green wrists!) And I think on my actual birthday I am going to London for two days- so not school for me yay! :D
Speaking of school, I have to go back on friday- eww! I mean, really! What the hell is the point in going in for a day? Because the week after that I have to do work experience (which, believe it or not I am quite looking forward to :) The boss said I could dress a mannequin for the window because I'm so interested in fashion!) 
Its really just a waste of washing machine water and detergent for my uniform! I think we should sue the school personally... :D

Ok now I am gonna go, and do something probably very boring. 
Holly <3

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