Thursday, 26 August 2010


Hey everyone!
My name is Holly. I am 15 years old and from the little town of colchester, essex. Recently I decided that, because in september I will be starting my last year at school- that it would be good to have some memories and photos all in one place. And the internet seemed like the place to do it! :D 
So, from now on I will be posting messages and pictures about what is happening in my day (but only if it is interesting or funny- I wouldn't want to bore you!) 
Ok and its not going to be alll about my life (that would be farr too dull! Nothing interesting ever happens to me!) I will most likely end up getting distracted from my boring exam revision, and end up posting about fashion, miniature pigs and my obsession with taking pictures of anything and everything! Oh and obviously Robert Pattinson. Because he's hot! :) So if I end up failing my GCSE's- I blame you! :)

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