Sunday, 29 August 2010

Well I thought you would like to see how my essay writing was going at the moment. Not too well is all i'm going to say...
This is what my book looks like at the moment. And now I am on here writing this and I have still only written one paragraph. I am soo screwed! (If only my essay could be about fashion. Or a good book. Then maybe I would show some interest! I just keep thinking that this time next year I will never have to write another english essay again! Thank god!)
And I keep getting distracted by Lookbook, and Facebook and the tv and my ipod. I am never going to get this essay finished :S 
On a better note- some of my jack wills stuff came yesterday! I am verrry happy with it- when the dress comes I will be even happier though! Even though I am probably not going to get it until tuesday seeming as its a bank holiday tomorrow :(

Ok so I guess I will have to go- must get this essay finished by friday! (not gonna happen..)
Holly xx

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