Friday, 27 August 2010

Hey everyone!
Well I am testing out the whole emailing this to my blog from my phone thing- so I am verrry sorry if this doesn't work!!

Ok so I've done nothing alll day again- how bad is that?! And I've still got a whole essay to write by next friday, and I have written 3 lines :s But oh well- I'm suree I'll get it done. Hopefully. Probably not though....

I am really depressed at the moment about lookbook becoming public, meaning that you now don't need an invitation or to apply to become a member. What will happen if a load of chavs join and make the website crappy?! I loveeeed the snobby exclusiveness of it when you had to apply!!!

Anyway- I went on a shopping spree in the jack wills sale! :D I brought a dress I have had my eye on for ages (£59, reduced to £19- awesome or what?!). I also brought a scarf, a hat and two very awesome JW pens haha! When they arrive I will definatley take pictures and post them here :)

I think I am going to my dads friends club tonight, but I don't really want to go. I think I'm gonna stay at home. What fun is going to a club with your freaking parents?? If my friends were going it would be totally different!

Ok I'm gonna go for now- oh I just wanted to say thanks to ashley for being my first follower :D
I will probably post again laterr

Holly xx

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